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Data Backup ServiceBAck up trans

We use computers to save photos, emails, financial records, contacts and much more.

One hard drive failure, virus infection, theft, you loose important and irreplaceable.

Please call us today to organise a low cost onsite or offsite Backup Solutions.

Data Back Up service will get you set up with a regular, automated backup onto a removable hard drive or in the cloud.

We will:

  • Connect your existing external hard drive to your computer
  • Install software and drivers required to routinely backup your data.
  • Verify that the drive is functional
  • Configure your computer to routinely back up the files and folders you specify

Data Recovery Service

Something happened and your hard drive crashed. All your valuable data are on that hard drive. Don't panic yet!data recovery bottom banner

In most of the cases we can help you to recover your precious data.

Important: Don't forget to backup your data especially if you cannot afford to lose it.

We can recover your data from:

  • hard disks (ATA, SATA)
  • Deleted files even from Recycle Bin
  • RAID Drives