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Bridging up the Gap between Customers and Businesses

  • Call Center Technology to Reduce Manual Processes
  • Advanced Functionality to Route Callers to Right Direction
  • Dealing with Shortage Capacity & Trained Agents? SASSBPO Helps
  • SASSBPO Operates to offer end-to-end Customer Contact Solutions

A Collaboration of Technology & Professionalism with Practical Solutions

  • Multichannel Call Center to Contact all of Your Customers
  • Unique Contact Center Propositions & Processes Set-up
  • Flexible Call Agents & Services with Undeviating Dedication
  • Inbound/Outbound Marketing Approaches to Tailor Your Needs


  • Outbound Services

Outbound call center services are the most common services required by every organization. They help the businesses realize their actual potential and grow remarkably. At SSS we an expertise in making outbound calls and delivering the necessary results day in and day out.

Following are the Outbound Services our partners can assist you with:

  • Sales

Outbound Sales refers to a situation where call center agents make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a business or client to sell a product or service. This requires efficient handling as the call may get dropped in between if the agent is unable to explain and convince the customer about the product or service. Telephone is remarkably an effective way to conduct sales activity and our call center associates are experts

 in delivering the required results.

  • Lead Generation

Outsourcing your lead generation requirements allows you more freedom to focus on your core business. Agents at our associate call centres take the process of lead generation seriously and believe in offering only qualified leads to our clients. Verified leads make the process of sales conversion easier and that is what we aim to do. Find out more about our lead generation services now.

  • Telemarketing

Providing excellent telemarketing services is the forte of our call center associates. They have done very successful telemarketing services over the years with the

help of their experienced and skilled agents who are masters of hardcore marketing. SSS will meet your requirements as per your preferred location and budget without compromising on the quality aspect.

  • Appointment Setting

Outbound appointment setting call center facilities happen to be a crucial tool and one of the significant aspects of all business ventures which need a face-lift to pull up the efficiency levels. Making you stay ahead in the world of growing competition,

  • Market Research & Surveys

Market Research and surveys are essential ways to collect crucial information on the changing market trends, finding potential area of growth, mapping customer behavior, etc. As surveys hold a great importance for any kind of business, our call centers employ experienced team that skillfully undertakes resources to complete the job and ensure business success.

Our call centers consistently perform in an efficient and productive way keeping the talk time to minimum and converting the potential customer to an actual sale. They work in a very organized and productive way without compromising on the quality of the calls.